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1984- Opens, selling BMX Bikes, first shop in Exeter to stock Vans shoes.

1985- Starts stocking skateboards. Also have surf department.

1986- Sponsor first street comp at King William car park Exeter.

1987- Now also stocking Roller Skates. Teach Roller Hockey at Schools and Youth Clubs.

1988- Pay for the metal surface on the vert ramp at Countess Wear, Exeter.

1989- First shop in Exeter selling Stussy clothing. Also In-line skates.


1990- Pay for the metal surface on the mini ramp at Countess Wear, Exeter.

1994- Start stocking snowboards. 1995- First shop in Exeter to stock DC shoes.

1996- Sponsor and construct the jumps/ramps for the BMX dirt jumping/street contest at Cofton Road BMX track, Exeter. Start negotiations with the local council to re-use JLC BMX track, Exeter.

1997- Boarding House BMX riders filmed for Westcountry Television. Start Exeter Skate Aid, raising cash toward public skatepark. Sponsor benefit nights at the Cavern, proceeds going towards the Exeter skate park fund. Get permission from E.C.C. to work on JLC BMX track- arrange 300 tons of dirt and digger to work on jumps.

1998- Take 49 people to Mount Hawke skatepark, proceeds to E.S.A. Provide ramps at Arena Park, Exeter, to demonstrate to City Council number of participants. 200 people use ramps over 3 days. Sponsor BMX demo at Exeter speedway track. More Cavern benefit nights. Arrange BMX display on Quay. Organise and take Skateboarders to Mount Hawke for Westcountry TV filming.

1999- Continue negotiations with Council regarding provision of Skatepark. Again provide ramps at Arena Park, Exeter for 3-day event. More trips to Mount Hawke and Cavern benefit nights. BMX shows on Quay and at Phoenix art centre.


2000- Get decision and confirmed site for Exeter Skatepark from Council. Give away hundreds of 'Spot Guides', a shop publication offering Skatepark directions. More Hawke trips and demos. Bring out 'Idiot Proof', a video show-casing the areas spots and talent.

2001- Exeter Skatepark is now a reality. Publish new free Spot Guide to celebrate! Still running Hawke trips, filming for new video. Sponsor fun-day at new Skatepark with No-Comply.

2002- Release new shop video, 'Snap'. Premieres to one hundred people in 'Bar Metzo'. Release third edition of Spot Guide (still free!). Liase with Council regarding a second Skatepark for Exeter.

2003- theboardinghouse.org goes live. Release new shop video, double feature- 'Digital Science' (skate) and 'Bad Intentions' (bmx). Host free Premiere to over 200 people at Barnfield Theatre. Design and build ramps at Flowerpot Skatepark for E.C.C. Build new skatepark for Tiverton Town Council.

2004- Publish fourth guide to skateparks, free from the shop. Celebrate 20 years supporting Devon's skate, bmx and blading scenes, stoked. Build new mini-ramp at Flowerpot for E.C.C., funded by E.C.C. and Sport England.

2005- Build new mini ramp for M.D.D.C. at Tiverton Skatepark. Run annual Oblivion Comp at Flowerpot Skatepark, Exeter.

2006- Run Oblivion Comp in summer holidays at F-Pot with E.C.C. Run comp for Devon Youth Games (at Tiverton Skatepark) teams enter from all over South West. Exeter team win! Run comp at Seaton Skatepark. Arrange FREE PREMIERE! of new Boarding House dvd's 'Ridin' West' (BMX) and 'One Life, One Love' (Skate) at Exeter Phoenix.

2007- Build Skatepark for E.C.C. at Heavitree park, Exeter. Run 'Exe Games' contest with E.C.C at Flowerpot Skatepark, pro demos for BMX, Skate and Inline. Build new Quarter-pipe configuration at Arena Skatepark for E.C.C. Build mobile ramp set-up for 'Junction' youth club.

2008- Shop Website, theboardinghouse.eu up and running! Build another mobile ramp set-up, this time for Dawlish Action For Youth. In association with eS footwear, run Game of Skate at Cavern Club, Exeter. Organise Pro demo for Cycle Sunday event at Flowerot. Run Exe Games 5 at Flowerpot with ECC, with new 'best trick' format. Build mini-ramp at Dawlish Skatepark for Dawlish Action For Youth. Build new driveway set-up at Arena skatepark in Exeter for ECC. Publish latest Spot Guide (no.5), giving loads of these away every week. On-line guide carries handy cider guide, see here !

2009- Boarding House provide Skate Mentors for Devon Schools Sport Partnership, taking mobile ramp set-up to Schools for Skateboard After School sessions! Ran Exe Games 6 at FPot, pro demo's

2010- Run Exe Games 7 at FlowerPot, on the mini-ramp, with Pro demo's. Produce 6th free Spot Guide, also do version for other shops around SW. Team manage Exeter's Youth Street Sports squad, we smash it AGAIN! at Tavistock Devon Youth Games. Produce DVD for Exeter Ride To Glory. Get Facebook page!

2011- Shop gets featured in 'Dig' magazine, and team riders Skinner and Josh Kew get pictures in SW feature for 'Ride' mag. Build 24 foot wide mini-ramp with channel for Kingsteignton Riders Union in Newton Abbot. Produced Exeter RTG DVD again, premiere in Cavern is standing room only!

2012- Build biggest skatepark project to date in Exmouth inc. spined mini-ramp with sub and hips. Another Exeter RTG DVD and premiere at Cavern Club.

2013 - Work closely with Exeter City Council on design for new concrete Flowerpot skatepark, opened September 2013. Ran opening Jam with Council. Act as 'Coach' for Exeter Youth Games team, which wins Street Sports at Paignton, top work lads! Host Dugtown 1980's to Present day Exhibition at Exeter Phoenix celebrating the Skate/Bmx scene in Exeter. Publish latest edition of Spot Guide to give out free in the shop.

2014 - Start negotiating with Exeter City Council to get lighting scheme for Flowerpot, funding is approved and scheduled to be installed late 2015. Ran comp at Seaton skatepark. Been trading in Exeter 30 years this year!

2015 - Get chosen to compete in Sidewalk StoreWars , clock up nearly 75,000 views of our edits! Write 1000 word piece on the Exeter scene for Sidewalk mag.  Ran comp at Cullompton, support Cookie Jam at FP, ran 'Go Skateboarding Day' at FP. Updated Spot Guide to show all new concrete parks being built in Devon. 

Posted 31/7/15